How We Work


We provide essential personal care products to organizations that assist the homeless, at-risk, victims of violence through a variety of efforts including purchasing products, community donations, manufacturer and retailer donations.


Our Programs

In addition to our ongoing efforts to purchase and collect personal care products we have established two unique programs to help us fulfill our mission of providing essential hygiene products to those at-risk and in-need:



Our knowledge of the organizations we serve allows us to efficiently distribute hygiene products throughout the state. We communicate frequently with local shelters and housing services to ensure our deliveries are on target with their changing needs including:


Whether travel-size or full-size products are more economical

Single-use hygiene packets or travel size amenities are the best match for emergency shelters where patrons can utilize the facility on a per night basis. Whereas transitional housing facilities that average client stays between 30-45 days receive regular sized personal care products.


Product restrictions

Some shelters ban alcohol in all forms including products such as mouthwash, hair spray and body spray. We ensure all donations are in compliance with the housing facility's regulations.


Demographic information

We understand the diverse demographics of the organizations we support including the ages and gender of residents. For instance, we deliver feminine care products to women's shelters and children's toothbrushes to family shelters. In this capacity we are the most efficient resource in the state to collect and deliver hygiene products to those in need.





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About Amenity Aid

We are a Rhode Island based 501(c)(3)

charity that provides essential hygiene products to organizations that assist the homeless, at-risk, low income and victims of violence.